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  • Apr

    Brochure Design with InDesign 1 of 5

    by Chad Neuman


    When designing a brochure, it’s important to consider various design and layout principles. Often there won’t be as much text as with a newspaper or magazine. The purpose of a brochure and the target audience are different as well. Let’s go through the process of creating a “real world” brochure for a hot air balloon company, by using Adobe InDesign and applying some helpful layout and design considerations. The support files are to be used with this tutorial for educational purposes only, since they were provided by the actual company. The support files include some photos, illustrations, and Word documents to place into the brochure we’ll make. Download support files.

    Step 1
    Open InDesign CS3 and click on From Template in the opening welcome screen. (If you have an earlier version of InDesign, skip to step 4.)


    Step 2
    Choose the Brochures option from the templates.


    Step 3
    Choose the third from the left brochure.


    Step 4
    If you don’t have InDesign CS3 and possibly an earlier version, just go to File>New and enter the settings here for a new document.


    Step 5
    In this template, notice how the images go beyond the black outer line, the actual border of the printed document, by a few millimeters. This is called a “bleed.” The reason for having the photos go over the document edge a little bit is because it prevents any white lines being printed on the edges, in case the printing is barely off. If the photos were perfectly aligned with the borders and didn’t go over a little bit, there might be a small white line on the edges if the printer moved it barely.


    Step 6
    We don’t need the artwork that came with this template. Click-and-drag the Artwork in the Layers palette onto the trash can icon.


    Step 7
    You’ll get this question; just click Yes.


    Step 8
    Click-and-drag the Text layer as well onto the garbage icon to delete it. You should just have the Guides layer left.


    Step 9
    Click on the Create New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers palette. This will create a new layer so we can delete the Guides layer. Click-and-drag on the Guides layer onto the garbage icon to delete it. Now we have just one layer with nothing on it so far, and a document to work with. Save the file as “Brochure.indd” so we can use it in the next part.


    Now that we have our file set up, let’s consider our target audience. This brochure is for a hot air balloon company, and the audience is people in the Central Florida area that would be interested in it or tourists. Let’s create a bold, bright and colorful brochure that will sell the business. Brochures should attract attention, keep attention, and then cause action. The action in this case is to call and sign up for a weekend to purchase on a hot air balloon ride.

    In the next part, we’ll being to add text and use a color scheme and begin to design our bold and colorful brochure.  

    Continue to Brochure Design with InDesign 2 of 5.

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