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    by Chad Neuman

    Here’s another way to create a Holga effect. Some Holga photos have varying hues or vignettes, and the one shown here. But others have a faded out focus on parts of the photo and a faded look. Here’s how to achieve that in Photoshop.

    Step 1
    Open Adobe Photoshop and open an image you’d like to use.

    I chose this photo by Joey Nelson at iStockPhoto.

    Step 2
    Press Cmd-J (PC: Ctrl-J) to duplicate the Background layer.


    Step 3
    Next, let’s add a blur to the copied layer. Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. The amount of blur depends on the size of the photo. This photo I am working with is very large, so I set the blur to 15 pixels. You may try 3 or 4 pixels or so if hte photos is much smaller.


    Step 4
    We need to add a mask to the Layer 1 to mask out parts of the blurred layer. Click the Add Layer Mask on the bottom of the Layers palette. This will create a white box on Layer 1.


    Step 5
    Choose a large, soft-edged brush, and set the Foreground color to black and click once in the photo to mask out part of the blurred layer.


    Step 6
    Next, click the Create a New Layer icon on the bottom of the Layers palette. Choose an orange Foreground color (I chose #ffc000) and press Option-Delete (Mac: Alt-Backspace) to fill the layer with this color. Change the Layer Blending Mode of this layer to Multiply.


    Step 7
    Change the Opacity of this layer to 50% and go to Filter>Distort>Lens Correction. Drag the Vignette slider to the left to create a dark border. I chose -100. Multiply blending mode is subtle, but try Color Burn and the look even looks more like a Holga.


    Step 8
    There we go! This is another way to create a Holga look.


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