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  • Nov


    by Chad Neuman

    Here are a few techniques to create an “electrifying” design. Using soft white brushes is a popular technique in creating a hip layout, but we’ll use a few other techniques as well to create this design, including threshold, hue/saturation adjustments, and layer blending modes.

    Step 1
    Download the support files and open telephone pole.jpg in Adobe Photoshop.


    Step 2
    Go to Image>Threshold and change the Threshold Level to 179.


    Step 3
    Go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation and change the levels to the numbers shown here.


    Step 4
    Open “telephone pole2.jpg” and go to Image>Adjustments>Threshold and change the Threshold Level to 64.


    Step 5
    Go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation and change the levels to those shown here.


    Step 6
    Click the Move tool (the tool at the top of the Toolbar) and click-and-drag “telephone pole2.jpg” onto “telephone pole.jpg.”


    Step 7
    Make sure Show Tranform Controls is selected on the Options palette, and click-and-drag a corner with the Move tool and enlargen the top layer so it covers the Background layer.


    Step 8
    Change the Layer Blending mode on the Layers palette to Color Burn.


    Step 9
    Open kelly.psd and click-and-drag the layer with the Move tool onto the other image. Click-and-drag a corner with the Move tool to resize the image a bit. Hold Shift to maintain proportion.


    Step 10
    Go to File>Place and place “scan5.jpg” and make sure Show Tranform Controls is selected on the Options palette. Rotate it using the Move tool and make it larger by clicking-and-dragging on a corner.


    Step 11
    Click-and-drag the scan5 layer below Layer 2. Change the Layer Blending mode of scan5 to Multiply.


    Step 12
    Select Layer 2, the layer with my friend Kelly on it. Go to Layer>Layer Style>Stroke. Change the stroke color to White and the Size to 6.


    Step 13
    Click the New Layer icon on the bottom of the Layers palette and choose to Brush tool. Change the brush to the soft brush, 27.


    Step 14
    Click on various areas of the art, changing the size of the brush by pressing the left and right brackets.


     Now we have a nice design which adds interest to the overall photo look.

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