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    Using Photos for Text in Photoshop


    by Chad Neuman

    Here is how to use layer clipping masks with photos and text in Adobe Photoshop for unique looks for brochures, web sites, and posters.

    Step 1
    Open Adobe Photoshop and go to File>New and create a new 1024×768 document and click OK.



    Step 2
    Next, click with the Text tool and type out some text. Change the font to a bold font like Impact so that the photo showing through will be noticeable. Think of the photo you’ll be using and type something to match it.


    Step 3
    Open a photo you’d like to use and using the Move tool, click-and-drag it onto the Photoshop file with the text, or copy and paste it.


    Step 4
    Here’s the trick to add the Layer Clipping Mask. On the Layers palette, there should be three layers: Background, the text layer, and the layer with the photo. Make sure the photo layer is on top of the text layer, and press Option (PC: Alt) and left-click with the mouse hovering between the two layers.


    Step 5
    Now we have text composed of a photo. We can use the Move tool and move either the text or the photo.


    Step 6
    Try various text and designs. Note: If you open a photo and type text on top, be sure to double-click the Background layer and name it to become a normal layer and then click-and-drag that layer over the text layer before applying the clipping mask.


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